Roger Reed Baker
Criminal Warrant for Indecent Liberties
Criminal Warrant for Statutory Rape
Notice of Probation Revocation
Western State Hospital Sex Offender Program Diagnosis
Sexual Psychopathic Diagnosis
Paraphilic Pedophile Diagnosis
Guilty Plea and Sentence Judgment
Appearance Docket
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Among the criminal behavior, including forcing his stepdaughter's head onto his penis until he ejaculated beginning when she was nin years old, he also force her to repeatedly dress and undress in front of him despite her continued objections. This abuse went on for years. In 1993, after learning of these charges, the Fraternity Snoqualmie Board voted to retain Baker as a member. The board members who voted to keep him were Chris Lawrence, Larry Mohrman, Chuck Hutchins, Del Moore, Steve Smith, Art Panneck and Pat Lowe. To this day Baker is still a member of the camp and over the years club members, and members of the Board, have lied to protect Baker and keep him on at the club. Club management has placed Baker in charge of "security" at numerous of their public events and he in currently in charge of the Fraternity Snoqualmie computer system. Baker even has a pending application, and is next in line, to become a permanent resident at the camp. Baker, and his current wife, who is on the FS Board are swingers who attend "New Horizons" a swinger club in Lynwood Washingon.

This material originally came from the files at Fraternity Snoqualmie. The information contained herein became a matter of public record to many members from FS when it was posted by Georgia Morrow on Rec.Nude in March, 1996. Fraternity Snoqualmie members complained this was a five year old case and didn't matter. Numerous members posted about what a nice camp it was; and how "safe". Baker's name has been listed on the this Hall of Shame since 1996. So FS surely can't claim this time around they were unaware. They were aware of it, and what did all their internal policing get? They sheltered a child rapist for a decade all the while telling their members and others that their camp is safe cause they check everybody out. They lied for him. They even put him in charge of their camp's computer; they made him in charge of security. They put a child rapist in charge of security and call their camp "safe". -- Nikki Craft, 3.28.04

Fraternity Snoqualmie Ex-Board Member Tires of Fraternity Snoqualmie Pedophiles & Policies
Nudist Camp Rife With Deviants

Fraternity Snoqualmie Management Tell Lies to Protect Roger Reed Baker
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Wayne Silsbee is currently sought by the FBI MOST WANTED, (11.04). Silsbee has been a visitor at Fraternity Snoqualmie, and has, according to him, taken children to the camp on several occasions. If any FS, or anyone else, recognize his photo, and have any additional information please contact the FBI.

Write to Nikki Craft if you have further information about this situation.

Claim: Nudist Camp Rife With Deviants 
excerpted from the Issaquah Press, August 24, 1994

A former board member of Fraternity Snoqualmie claims the Tiger Mountain nudist camp is a pedophiles' paradise, but camp spokesman vehemently denied the characterization, calling it the product of someone with an "axe to grind." 
      Lee Schaefer, (Georgia Morrow has since gone public because her daughter is now out of school.) who preferred to use her maiden name for this story because her daughter attends an Issaguah school, said the 57-year-old camp has had a significant rise in the number of unwelcomed sexually-related incidents since it was reopened to the public about three years ago. 
      "Everything is going to sound like a disgruntled member," Schaefer said. "But there is so much stuff going on up there that is contrary to what I believe in." 
      Schaefer, an eight-year member who lived at the camp and left in January, is sending letters to area churches and day-care centers to warn them of alleged problems. 
      She claims eight former Fraternity Snoqualmie members have been arrested, convicted and are serving time in prison for sexual offenses." 
      "Franternity Snoqualmie keeps the problem secret and they do not want any publicity,: Schaefer said in the letter. "There are police reports, internal complaints against members and names and members as proof." 
      Documents provided by Schaefer to The Issaquah Press reveal that none of the criminal sexual offenses took place at Fraternity Snoqualmie. All occurred in the 1980s, and one case involved a burglary, not a sexual offense, according to the documents. 
      There were letters written by members of Fraternity Snoqualmie to the camp's board of directors claiming various sexual improprieties. One case was dropped for lack of evidence, and two others resulted in the expulsion of two members. None were reported to King County Police. 
      The cases generally involved unwelcomed sexual acts such as masturbation or fondling. 
      Fraternity Snoqualmie's Chuck Hutchins, public relations spokesman and a 16 year member, defended the internal policing system, saying that the victims are always asked if they want the police to be called. 
      Hutchins added that often the individuals prefer to handle the matter within the camp. 
      "They like their anonymity," Hutchins said. "But we have no problem calling the police. If someone would like us to call the police, we would immediately call." 
      Hutchins said everyone gets "two chances" and that "somebody's got to see it." "We nip everything in the bud before it gets out of hand," he said. "We try to make it so everyone is safe up there." 
      According to Hutchins, the camp, a non-profit corporation, currently has about 300 paid members. Membership costs about $200 per year, with one-day visits costing $20.00. 
      Every year, Hutchins said the 40-acre camp, which has a pool, spa and sauna, usually revokes the membership of one or two members while about four or five people are "asked to leave." 
      As far as the sexual offenders, Hutchins emphasized that the individuals named by Schaefer did not have documented sexual violations when they were admitted to the camp because it has a strict screening policy. 
      "All of our members go through this," he said, explaining that the applicants' vital statistics are checked by the Washington State Patrol for felony sexual offenses. The applicants are also checked locally through King County Police, Hutchins said. Furthermore, the camp periodically receives a computer sheet from a national sunbathing group, the American Sunbathing Association, that lists known sexual offenders. 
      Schaefer maintains that despite the official screening process, sexual deviants still gain access to the park. 
      "We're going to have a pervert city up there--it's like that already," she said. "It's gone from a family nudist camp to a place for guys to party on the weekends." 
      Hutchins said the camp allows people to attend only if they are a member or are the guest of a member. Guests must be with the member when they arrive. 
      Also, first-time visitors are allowed only after they fill out back-ground paperwork and show picture identification. Visitors are watched closely by camp staff, Hutchins said. Inappropriate behavior is dealt with immediately, he added. 
      "We ask them to leave now," Hutchins said."No ifs, ans, or buts." 
      Schaefer said her main goal in bringing up concerns about Fraternity Snoqualmi is to increase awareness about nudist camps harboring sexual offenders when camps are open to the public. 
      "This is not a local problem, this is a national problem and it's getting worse," she said. "No one has been willing to make a public stand." 
      Hutchins said the only real problem is Schaefer's insistence on "harassing" the camp's reputation. 
      "She has been creating hassles for a long time," he said. 
      Schaefer admitted she has not been "lily white" but hopes to persevere with her goal. 
      "Fraternity Snoqualmie believes the more they smear and invalidate me the more they can deflect my efforts to make the community aware of this increasingly dangerous situation," she said. "I'll risk the lawsuit and the embarrassment if it keeps one child safe from rape or worse." End of Issaquah Press article. 

Several of relevant case numbers regarding Franternity Snoqualmie. 

Jack Onefrey: Case Number: 90-1-01505-6
Onefrey is on the American Sunbathing Association Caution List. 83-1-0775-2

Here's an excerpt from the Executive Board Meeting Records date: 6/28/92: Page 2 

Activities and Entertainment--Chuck Hutchins announced that there will be a lingerie party in the clubhouse or on the deck at 5 or 6 pm on August 22 (Saturday after Nudestock.) A potluck will be held before the lingerie party. (Roger Baker was in charge of Security at this public event.  

Fraternity Snoqualmie Ex-Board Member Tires of Fraternity Snoqualmie Pedophiles & Policies
This is an important article.

The letter below is excerpted from a letter printed in the Issaquah Press, September 29, 1994 in response to a members letter stating the headline of the article printed above was sensationalistic. 

Dear Editor:
The headline "Claim: Nudist camp rife with deviants" might appear sensationalistic if one is unaware of what has happened at Fraternity Snoqualmie. I have seen the police reports, letters and miscellaneous documents (as did the reporter who wrote the story) and I do not think it is "uninformed" to choose that title. There are numerous documented cases of pedophiles at Fraternity Snoqualmie and the headline, given by the Issaquah Press, is one they have earned. 
      Up at Fraternity Snoqualmie it doesn't take too many pedophiles or pornographers to ruin a kids day -- or his or her whole life. Denial is not a river in Egypt, and it's precisely what's wrong with Mr. Llewellyn and lots of other nudists. Until they recognize and acknowledge their problem, camps will remain a safer places for pedophiles than children. I would urge any parents who still take their children to stop doing so immediately
      Franternity Snoqualmie denies they had responsibility for Deja Vu, a national pornographic magazine, photographing openly all day at their camp during "Nudestock." How are they going to do when it comes to controling pedophiles? Not so good, it seems. Nikki Craft

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