Fraternity Snoqualmie Ex-Board Member Tires of Fraternity Snoqualmie Pedophiles & Policies

Georgia Morrow was a Fraternity Snoqualmie Board of Directors Member and club volunteer for three years from 1989 to 1992. She became club member in 1986 and lived at camp from 1989 to 1992.

Rick [Perkins]: I don't think, as you have alluded to in your correspondence to me several times, that F.S. would even consider suing me. But if they do, then I will gladly accept their challenge. My attorney, too, would just love the opportunity to jump into the ring with F.S. and has offered to defend me pro bono. --Georgia Morrow, March, 1996

Georgia Morrow wrote:
>>Barlow was a full member of Fraternity Snoqualmie Nudist Camp beginning
>>in 1991 when I worked and my family lived there.

Rick Perkins wrote to Georgia Morrow:
>OK, so a friend of yours, who was a member of FS, while you were on the
>board of directors, and while you were responsible for the safety and
>well being of its members, is now a convicted sex offender. It sounds
>to me like you messed up! This has nothing to do with FS.

Georgia Morrow wrote:
Are you blaming ME for the peophile problem at F.S., Rick? Why do you say
that what I've been posting here has nothing to do with Fraternity

>Did he molest at FS?
>Were any of the kids members of FS?

When numerous pedophiles have been members at F.S. how can you say it
doesn't have anything to do with the club?

>This is not only irrelevant to FS, but also to nudism.

>Georgia, I know that you are still pissed of at FS, and that ALL you are
>trying to do is slander them. Give it up before they sue you. Leave
>this alone and have some degree of self respect. Rise above this crap
>before you sink in the shit.

Rick, I don't understand why you have this hateful tone against me. I have
never said or done anything against or to you, or the slugs, or anyone else at
Fraternity Snoqualmie. My relationship with F.S. changed when I began to
question the polices that allowed open door membership at F.S. It culminated
after a meeting when Pat Lowe suggested that someone check the entire
membership list, after I informed them that Jack Onefrey had been in prison
for approximately one year.

After checking the public criminal records, as Pat Lowe suggested, that is
when we discovered that several members had records. Then I left the club
because nothing was done about it and I was getting increasingly frustrated at
their lack of concern. Even though I did find that Roger Baker had sexually abused
his step daughter he was allowed to stay at the club.

As an aside, there was also harassment from the residents that lived there who
pegged me as a trouble maker. This harassment from club members included
hang up calls late in the night when I would return from work, as well as
obscene threats that were documented by caller id and recorded by my
answering machine. It got so bad that the police had to be brought in. The
caller identified, and it can be substantiated through police reports that Betty
Sorenson initiated the calls and when confronted by the police implicated
Marge Cline, also another resident. The police informed Ms. Sorenson, in my
presence, that if there were any more calls made to my residence that she
would be arrested.

This too goes far from where we need to be, but since nudists seem to be more
interested in leveling personal attacks than dealing with safety issues at their
club then I will have to clear up several things here and now.

Before anyone tries to disparage my reputation I fully admit I am still
practicing nudism. I am disgruntled ONLY with the POLICY of Fraternity
Snoqualmie.'s "open door policy".

Before joining Fraternity Snoqualmie and going into nudism I thought I had
checked the club out sufficiently. I was concerned for my safety, as well as my

It is my belief that in 1986-1989, F.S. was a close-knit, secure, protected
environment where people could practice organized nudism with relative
safety. With the advent of "open to the public" events beginning in l989, all
that changed. This is my only objection to F.S.'s policy. (Period.) The single
male policy was changed from a quota system to one with no restrictions.
Because of that - primarily for economic reasons - F.S.'s membership
changed to single males becoming in the majority. There were two men to
every woman at the camp (Aug. 92 Minutes from "The Forestian" stated 256
men, 138 women)

As these ''open to the public' events became customary (every summer) women
members, including myself, became increasingly uneasy at such a dramatic
change. Several members, again including myself, who disagreed with these
events tried to stop them by petitioning for a special board meeting. Our
efforts failed and the open door policy to let any non member into F.S. ruled.

Anyone could get into F.S. There was not way of verifying any information
about them, not address, not phone number because nothing was ever verified
at that time. This caused the camp immense problems. With the increase in
sexual inappropriateness. I was becoming more fearful for me and my

During this time Fraternity Snoqualmie continually claimed they were
operating a safe camp and encouraged their members to do the same without
providing them with specific that were taking place at the club.

Here is a quote from the general membership notes (page 2), dated April 26,
1992, from Public Relations Committee, Chuck Hutchins: "Regarding the
adverse article that appeared in local papers, if someone asks you about it or
talks to you about it, simply tell them that FS is a family-oriented nudist
park, just as you would normally do. We all know what a wonderful place we
have here."

The adverse article that Hutchins was referring to were the disparaging
articles that were published after Mr. Randy Roeges left and sued the club
because children had been photographed at FS during a public event by
pornographers who had been permitted admission by FS management. The
children's photos from the camp were published in the National Porn
magazine along with information about FS, such as their location and the photo
policy. The pictures that were printed in the porn magazine showed F.S. as a
big party club. This article was a clear open armed invitation to perverts who
read the pornographic magazine the article was published in. After that point
because of the problems around that time with alcohol, drugs and
inappropriate sexual behavior I began to doubt that this was the lifestyle that
I would want my daughter to be around.

After the open to the public events started happening many members chose not
to come to the club on the days of the events. F.S.'s attitude towards it's
members was expressed in an article from Chuck Hutchins in The Forestian
(approx 1992) when he said: "Yes, cameras will be on the grounds, for both
events. If you don't want to have your picture taken, either don't come to the
park or if you want to come and not have your picture taken, you might want
to think about being an escort for a camera crew."

Chuck Hutchins, again, in another article (4/93, The Forestian) said: "We
the members of F.S. have been trying to let people know of our legal existence
for 50 plus years. We do this for many reasons, not the least of which is to
keep OUR club alive. For the 1993 sunning season we have an opportunity to
get public interest by having BARE BUNS FUN RUN and maybe NUDESTOCK
'93. If we have these events and limit the number of people that attend WE
USE THEM to get us attention. One way is to create public awareness of where
we are and who were are. Let the press, under controlled circumstances, come
to these events. We the members of F.S. can and do control what happens at our
club. Only, we need to have the press give us "coverage". [Editors note: Roger
was in charge of security at the Bare Buns Fun Run and Nudestock.]

In reality there was/is no way for members to control the camp with these
policies in effect. Chuck Hutchins said that "OUR" club would "USE" the people
that were recruited for these events. Yet in reality they-those attending-AND
FS management USED its membership. For the club, it was extremely
unfortunate that these party-hardy events attracted an element to our camp
that stuck around like a bad hangover long after the events were over.

So as to allow a non-nudist influx into the camp, in the August of 1992 Mike
Lovelace moved that "the membership vote to define 'clothing optional' to mean
"NUDIST" in whatever state of dress they choose". Gary Lou seconded the

It was after the open to the public events started happening that my daughter
was sexually propositioned, stalked and became more and more hesitant to go
down and enjoy the facilities. Because my child hesitated to go unclothed as
often as she used to she was constantly , as I myself was berated for not being
'nude'. This was devastating to me because I couldn't understand not getting any
support for the reason we were hesitant to be subjected to all the new strange
men around. This, the harassment and the general apathy, the back-biting and
the negativity at the camp led to my decision to seek residence elsewhere.

ATTACKING me does not ATTACK the problem F.S. has had over the past 10
years. No matter what F.S. tells the public about camp safety, I believe, they
live on with their ghosts, mistakes, constant ignorance and denial of
increasing sexual problems that are brought on by the open door policy and
these party-hardy events. I'm disgruntled all right but with policy NOT

Rick: I don't think, as you have alluded to in your
correspondence to me several times, that F.S. would even consider suing
me. But if they do, then I will gladly accept their challenge. My attorney, too,
would just love the opportunity to jump into the ring with F.S. and has offered
to defend me pro bono.

I guess the statement, "the truth hurts," is more powerful, and perhaps more
expensive than I had originally thought. Maybe there's another story in this
for "Hard Copy." Something like: "Nudist Park sues former member for
telling the truth." Now there's a way to gets lots of dues paying members for
the camp.

Georgia Morrow, 1996

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