Roger Reed Baker
Criminal Warrant for Indecent Liberties
Criminal Warrant for Statutory Rape
Notice of Probation Revocation
Western State Hospital Sex Offender Program Diagnosis
Sexual Psychopathic Diagnosis
Paraphilic Pedophile Diagnosis
Guilty Plea and Sentence Judgment
Appearance Docket
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Among the criminal behavior, including forcing his stepdaughter's head onto his penis until he ejaculated beginning when she was nin years old, he also forced her to repeatedly dress and undress in front of him despite her continued objections. This abuse went on for years. In 1993, after learning of these charges, the Fraternity Snoqualmie Board voted to retain Baker as a member. The board members who voted to keep him were Chris Lawrence, Larry Mohrman, Chuck Hutchins, Del Moore, Steve Smith, Art Panneck and Pat Lowe. To this day Baker is still a member of the camp and over the years club members, and members of the Board, have lied to protect Baker and keep him on at the club. Club management has placed Baker in charge of "security" at numerous of their public events and he in currently in charge of the Fraternity Snoqualmie computer system. Baker even has a pending application, and is next in line, to become a permanent resident at the camp. Baker, and his current wife, who is on the FS Board are swingers who attend "New Horizons" a swinger club in Lynwood Washingon.

This material originally came from the files at Fraternity Snoqualmie. The information contained herein became a matter of public record to many members from FS when it was posted by Georgia Morrow on Rec.Nude in March, 1996. Fraternity Snoqualmie members complained this was a five year old case and didn't matter. Numerous members posted about what a nice camp it was; and how "safe". Baker's name has been listed on the this Hall of Shame since 1996. So FS surely can't claim this time around they were unaware. They were aware of it, and what did all their internal policing get? They sheltered a child rapist for a decade all the while telling their members and others that their camp is safe cause they check everybody out. They lied for him. They even put him in charge of their camp's computer; they made him in charge of security. They put a child rapist in charge of security and call their camp "safe". -- Nikki Craft, 3.28.04

Fraternity Snoqualmie Ex-Board Member Tires of Fraternity Snoqualmie Pedophiles & Policies
Nudist Camp Rife With Deviants

Fraternity Snoqualmie Management Tell Lies to Protect Roger Reed Baker
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