Nudist Group Faces Lawsuit For Stripping Membership
Copyright 1992 The Seattle Times Company
April 17, 1992, Friday, Final Edition
Section: Northwest; Pg. B4
Byline: Steve Johnston

Randy Roeges, a Duvall fire commissioner and political gadfly, is suing a Snoqualmie-area nudist camp because the camp stripped him of his membership.
     Roeges said he is suing Fraternity Snoqualmie, a family-oriented nudist camp just off Interstate 90, because the camp allowed an adult magazine to take pictures during its "Nudestock '91" convention and he believes the camp is endorsing pornography.
     Camp president Dick Love said Roeges was dropped from the club because he was hard to get along with and other members said they wouldn't go to the camp if Roeges was there. "He just wasn't pleasant to be around," Love said.
     The lawsuit is on the Monday docket in King County Superior Court. Acting as his own attorney, Roeges has filed a civil suit against the club and its board of directors. He seeks to get himself and his family reinstated as members and to prohibit photographers from taking pictures at the camp.
     Roeges said he, his wife, and their two children have been members of Fraternity Snoqualmie since 1989. He said they joined so their children would have someone to play with, and the camp offered a wide range of activities such as swimming and volleyball.
     "We thought we could put up with not wearing clothes,'' Roeges said. But he said problems started when a photographer from a magazine for topless clubs photographed a camp-sponsored open house last summer. A local television station also filmed people frolicking in the nude, a favorite TV ratings boost in the summer.
     Roeges was angry when he saw the television footage, but got really steamed when the adult magazine ran a photo story.
     The photos didn't include Roeges or his family, but Roeges said he thought the camp was endorsing pornography, and threatened to take legal action against the camp. Roeges said after he threatened legal action, the club's board of directors told him his membership wasn't going to be renewed, and he decided to sue. "This has been tearing me up," Roeges said. "I've been sick about it for three months."
     Love said Roeges' threatened lawsuit was only the final straw for the club, which prides itself on being family oriented and not tolerating any bad behavior. About the charge of promoting pornography, Love said: ''We just don't tolerate it."

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At the same time this article was published Roger Reed Baker was performing "Security" at the camps events.

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