Penny Giforos's Favorite Andrea Dworkin Quote
"... And if I say I didn't like it people say it's a lie, you can't face it, you can't face how you liked it; and I can't explain to them that I'm not like them...I been facing what I liked since I was born and being tied up isn't what they think, the words they use like "sadomasochism" or "bondage," three-dollar words for getting a trick to come, and they get all excited just to say them because they read about them in books and they are all philosophers from the books and I hate them, I hate the middle-class goons who have so much to say but never spent one fucking day trying to stay alive...fucking middle-class hypocrite farts. I have a list. I remember you ones. You try to pull the wool over someone else's eyes about how smart you are and what humanitarians you all are on the side of whoever's hurting. Nelson Mandela provoked it. What do you think about that assholes?"

    --Andrea Dworkin
    From "Mercy", p.157

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