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If you are interested in knowing more about this exercise in free speech please read this WBAI interview.


Hey! Don't get us confused with the American Civil Liberties Union! We're NOT that group that supports the pornographers, the Nazis, the KKK, the tobacco industry, and NAMBLA and the child pornographers. We’re NOT those guys fixated on reciting defamatory, whining mantras about Andrea Dworkin. Instead, we here at the ACLU (Always Causing Legal Unrest, that is) are concerned that conservative values such as corporate trademark laws, private property rights and individual privacy (as opposed to public safety and welfare), severely infringe upon and limit free expression, and they enjoy more protection (legally, socially and politically) than women do in the public and private domain. And we’re going to push some buttons to prove it.

If you don't agree with these buttons or happen to not have a sense of humor--or understand (or would dare limit) spirited political resistance or free speech--or if you're in the other ACLU and got your underwear all up your butt about this project you know what to do: Just don't look at em. You can shut up and defend to your death our right to distribute these buttons. Free Speech by any means necessary and all that. Any attempt to squelch our political satire, or ruin our good hearted fun and entertainment, or limit the speech of our small publishing company could set such a dangerous precident for all publishing, ya know?

Otherwise, enjoy! And please support our work. --The ACLU

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What I am saying is that everyone of us has the responsibility to be the woman that Marc Lepine wanted to murder. --Andrea Dworkin, December 7, 1990

Feminism requires what misogyny destroys in women; unimpeachable bravery in confronting male power. --Andrea Dworkin

Feminism exists so that no woman every has to face her oppressor in a vacuum, alone. --Andrea Dworkin

We have to be the women who stand between men and they women they want to hurt. --Andrea Dworkin

Whatever intercourse is it is not freedom; and if it cannot exist without objectification it never will be. --Andrea Dworkin

If questions make the holy penis unhappy, who could survive what answers might do. --Andrea Dworkin

Feminist Theory: Man Fucks Woman. subject verb object.

Always Causing Legal Unrest--We tear into Sexism

We hold these truths to be self evident... Preying Mantis Women's Brigade

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