House votes 98-1 to ban teen-only nudist camps
By Christina Bellantoni


    RICHMOND — The House of Delegates yesterday passed a bill that would make it illegal for teens to attend a nudist camp without their parents or legal guardians.
    In a 98-1 vote that was punctuated by laughter, the House approved the bill and sent it forward to the Senate General Laws Committee for consideration. Delegate Charles W. Carrico Sr., Galax City Republican, was the opposing vote.
    The bill, sponsored by Delegate John S. Reid, Henrico County Republican, states that the Board of Health shall not issue a license to any organization that runs a nudist camp for juveniles when parents, grandparents or legal guardians are not present.
    The bill targets Camp White Tail in Ivor, in southeastern Virginia. Camp White Tail is an adult nudist camp that hosts a nudist camp for one week each summer for about 30 teens and preteens.
    Bob Roche, the camp's manager, said he will fight the bill.
    "We will challenge it in court if we have to," Mr. Roche told The Washington Times. "It's rather sad they are wasting the valuable taxpayer's money and time with this law."
    Also fighting the bill are the American Civil Liberties Union and the American Association for Nude Recreation.
    Mr. Reid said he drafted the bill when his constituents complained about Camp White Tail's special nudist camp in June for children ages 11 to 17.
    Florida is the only other state that has nudist camps for juveniles.

Senate Panel Approves Bill Banning Teen Nudist Camps

Associated Press Writer

(AP) - Nudist camps for teens would be prohibited under a provision passed by a Virginia Senate panel Thursday despite the vehement protests of the nudist community.
The legislation, which nudists claim is unique nationwide, passed the Senate Education and Health Committee unanimously after opponents said it infringed on the rights of parents. The bill now heads to the Senate floor for debate.
Del. John Reid, R-Henrico, said his legislation was aimed at shutting down a weeklong camp for teenagers at White Tail Park, a nudist colony in Southampton County. It was only the third such au naturel camp for juveniles in the nation, according to the American Association of Nude Recreation.
Reid's bill would prohibit the state from licensing any hotel, summer camp or campground that allows nudist camps for juveniles without the supervision of their parents, grandparents or legal guardians.
"This bill is not based on aspersions at all," Reid said. "It allows individuals committed to this lifestyle to continue to have this lifestyle."
The measure passed the House of Delegates 98-1 earlier this month.

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