Nudist selling nude kid videos
By JAMES THORNER, Times Staff Writer
© St. Petersburg Times
published July 25, 2003

LAND O'LAKES - The former president of the nudist group that sponsored a controversial summer camp for teenagers runs a business that sells videos featuring young nude girls.

Land O'Lakes resident Walt Zadanoff served as president of the American Sunbathing Association, the former name of the 50,000-member American Association for Nude Recreation based in Kissimmee.

The 68-year-old nudist defends the sale of the videos, which include full-frontal shots of elementary-school-age girls at beauty pageants in Europe, as "information and entertainment for a legitimate nudist."

"I sell it in good faith as a genuine nudist product," Zadanoff said Thursday of tapes he distributes over the Internet through a company called Sun-Dressed Marketing.

U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, who campaigned last month against a nude summer camp in Pasco County, considers the videos fodder for a less savory element.

The West Palm Beach Republican is running for the U.S. Senate seat held by Bob Graham and has specialized in child protection issues in the U.S. House.

"These videos are nothing more than a fix for pedophiles," Foley said in a written statement e-mailed to the St. Petersburg Times. "They serve young children on a platter for America's most depraved."

Foley said a local nudist faxed him information about Zadanoff's Web site. Last month, Foley criticized a camp for naked children aged 11 to 17 held at Pasco's Lake Como nudist resort. It was sponsored by the nudist organization Zadanoff led from 1990-92.

The American Association for Nude Recreation disavows the video sales. After inquiries from the Times, the nudist group asked Zadanoff Thursday to remove a link from his Web site to its site. [Nikki Craft adds: Note the AANR did not ask to remove the link until after it was called to media attention.]

American nudist resorts don't hold beauty pageants for nude children, association marketing official Debra Peterson said.

"We saw the Web site and said, "Whoa!"' Peterson said. "While the video content may be fine, the focus on the child element to sell it was not appropriate."

Zadanoff said he sells one or two pageant videos a week and that they represent a handful of his 100 video titles. He makes most of his money from guides to international nudist resorts, he said.

Supplied by producers in Russia, the Czech Republic and France, the videos are categorized as "teen" "junior teen" and "junior miss."

Generally, the younger the girls, the more expensive the video. One 55-minute junior miss tape sells for $99.95. The sales caption reads: "Judging based on beauty, personality, poise and grace. Resolution rating - GREAT."

But the sales don't appear to break the law, which delineates between non-sexual nudity and lewdness, said Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney Bernie McCabe. Not that he approves of Zadanoff's Web site.

"There's no question it's probably getting into the hands of folks who aren't just enamored of being a naturist," McCabe said. "So is it feeding some other desire that we find not appropriate?"

Zadanoff accused Foley of being a publicity-hungry "laughing stock" whose mind is "in the gutter." Zadanoff said the videos include no posing, genital closeups or sex.

Zadanoff said he's concerned there could be pedophiles among his customers, but said it's not anything he can control.

"We can't read what's in people's minds," he said. "If they want to take the Sears Roebuck catalog and turn it into something erotic, we can't control that."

Foley's office said his goal is more to shame Zadanoff than to punish him. Resurrecting the summer camp issue, the congressman said the videos prove the need for watchfulness on the part of nudist parents.

"When a company like Sears markets to potential buyers, it doesn't charge nearly $100 for its catalog. And it doesn't limit its catalog so most don't even see it," Foley said. "These excuses hold as much water as a slotted spoon."


"There is no lower form of life in this world than a rumor monger." -- Walt Zadanoff

     I know you have specifically requested that I not reply to the post you have on your website about me. Before I post this reply to my own website I am sending it to you for your consideration and further comment if you wish, which I will give you the courtesy of reprinting with your original post (reprinted below and housed at your website at I will include this reply to that original post. Perhaps after reading what I have to say you may reconsider your false accusations. [Even though Zadanoff has known for almost two years that  the information on his website is inaccurate, he has not bothered to remove it, or post my reply. I gave him the courtesy of putting his word here, printed below.]
     I have no idea when you posted these false accusations to your website, as you didn't even take the care to date them. Sloppy. I have no idea what you are responding to because FOR THE RECORD I didn't write it. Instead, some pitiful coward, some irresponsible and unethical person who doesn't take responsibility for their own actions -- unlike me, if you hadn't noticed in all these years -- is playing a trick on you by pretending he is me and you, my dear, fell for it. Now you have falsely accused me of falsely accusing you. Pathetic.
     Furthermore, Walt, I'll also state for the record that I know nothing of you endorsing, or not endorsing, the camp you mention. Nor do I give a damn about any camp you promote, including your own, or don't promote.
     In your sloppy, undated, signed only with your last initial (tsk. tsk.) post to the internet on your website you don't offer any evidence, nor do you even have the courage to name me directly as the author, instead you insinuate and directly link me as the author of a document that I did not write. Unethical. Hypocritical.
     My question to you is this: Why would I bother writing any email to you about your endorsement of a nudist camp when I have in my possession, and have had for many, many years, the photographs that were taken of you at your old Southern California nudist swing parties, part of which have been published in pornography swing magazines, which I will eventually probably get around to publishing on this very website (pant. pant. ;-)? So why, pray tell, do you think I would waste my time, and yours, with such petty accusations as what nudist camps you endorse? You tell me.
     So sue me if I'm wrong about what I say here. Sue me if you haven't intermixed your nudism to acquire your swinging, sex partners. Go ahead Walt Zadanoff, Mr. Past President of the American Sunbathing Association, talk to my lawyer. Then, let's do see who has their facts the straightest. 
          So much slime, so little time,
          Nikki Craft, Sat, 5 Apr 1997 

RE:An open response to E-mail false
Subject: AANR ex-pres. "working directly" w/ TG Barn!? TO: "Victimize:"
     I'm fairly certain I know who you are "NC," and your 'Crafty' attempt at anonymity will not hide you for much longer. Therefore, while I am addressing my response to your accusations as if you were "NC," anyone else of your inclination deserves the same response. I will make one very simple statement. 
     I do not support, endorse or refer anyone to any specific nudist club or camp. We are not working, directly or indirectly, with anyone except "The American Association for Nude Recreation." We are in the business of supplying unbiased information on social nudism, and the sale of legitimate nudist videos. We do not in any way align ourselves with any group that promotes swinging, pedophilia or child abuse, nor do we engage in the sale of sex videos.
     Although I have never been to The Grand Barn, I've not ever heard rumors of the kind of activity you're referring to. I seriously doubt that your outrageous accusations against The Grand Barn are indeed 100% accurate. You seem to have a way with twisting words and taking facts out of context to fit your own agenda. There is no lower form of life in this world than a rumor monger. 
     You are also wrong about my previous political position. I am the past president of the "ASA" (American Sunbathing Association), not "AANR". AANR did not exist at that time. Get your facts straight.
     While I can appreciate your diligence in ferreting out wrongdoers in social nudism, I really don't condone extremist vigilante groups such as yours who, in their vengeful narrow-mindedness, also destroy innocent bystanders in the process. Your attitude even smacks of McCarthyism, "guilty by association." May I firmly suggest that if you're sincerely looking to protect children from predators or inappropriate behavior, you'll have much more fertile ground by investigating the Catholic Church and its priest protectionist policy!
     This will be my first and last communication with you, as I refuse to waste my valuable time and energy defending myself or responding to what I consider to be absolute garbage. We will not be intimidated or blackmailed. Who, indeed, appointed you and/or your cronies as official watch-dogs over social family nudism? While you are entitled to your opinions (as a matter of free speech), no one needs you to protect us from ourselves. There are enough laws and government agencies to enforce them. Your motives and credibility are most questionable. 
     No response from you is either expected or welcome. Any questions previously asked were merely rhetorical. 
                         Walt Z.

[aka: Walt Zadanoff] 

proprietor of:
Sun-Dressed Marketing 

Note that Zadanoff has been informed, over a year ago, that his site contained a false accusation against me. He has neither changed that information or printed my above response. Zadanoff wrote to inform me that Cheri magazine is not a swinger magazine, but a men's magazine. I know well what Cheri magazine is. It's a swinger men's magazine and his nudist group was a well-known swinger group.

Zadanoff was a primary and outspoken promoter of Teen Nudist Camps, and planned to run one, before it was discovered he was a distributed of catalogs of nude children and he became the topic of government scrutiny. More on this topic will be posted in a future update. When Lee Baxandall had his naturist gathering at Zadanoff's camp after Tim Wilcox's crimes came to light I remember Zadanoff assuring a California television reporter about how safe naturism was for children. Now he sells catalogs of their nude photos. Who can be reassured?

Banning Teen Nudist Camps