Nikki Craft's Miscellaneous Letters & Leaflets

A letter I wrote to the Montreal Aquarium in 1987

A Banned Letter I Wrote in 1987 About A Baby Lamb
Killed in a Fraternity Hazing Stunt
in East Lansing Michigan

A letter I wrote in 1988 against a racist, pro-technology ad
from the American Society of Civil Engineers Public Communications

Letter to the New Haven Advocate about the murder of Barbara Ann Russo.

Letter to Focus on the Family about Racism in their publication (1989)

Letter to Nike--(1993)

Letter to U.S. Prostitutes Collective--(1983)

Letter to Bon Vivant Magazine about Prostitution--(1984)

Esquire Magazine, Athena, NCADV & Nikki Craft (1991)

Do You Wanna Spend the Rest of Your Life Selling Pepsi?
Censored by Oshkosh Northwestern--1987

Women Make Movies (1994)

Gulf War Letter (1991)


Since October 3, 2001