Jon Hanna's First Favorite Andrea Dworkin Quote

Before finding this site all I had really heard about Andrea Dworkin was the oft-repeated story of her being banned by a censorship law she helped pass. It's a neat parable for the argument that we can't have censorship against pornography without political censorship, and makes Andrea Dworkin sound like a liability to feminism. It's also untrue. Probably the best thing about the web is how it can give voice to opinions not heard through the conventional media. It was thanks to this site that I came to read one of the most compassionate and brilliant writers in the English Language.

"We have been asked by many people to accept that women are making progress, because one sees our presence in these places where we weren't before. And those of us who are berated for being radicals have been saying:

'That is not the way we measure progress. We count the number of rapes. We count the women who are being battered. We keep track of the children who are being raped by their fathers. We count the dead. And when those numbers start to change in a way that is meaningful, we will then talk to you about whether or not we can measure progress.'"

--Andrea Dworkin, MASS MURDER IN MONTRÉAL -- The Sexual Politics of Killing Women
in Life and Death.

Jon Hanna's Second Favorite Andrea Dworkin Quote

"In Nuremberg, a relationship between sexualized hate propaganda and genocide was demonstrated. Many Western democracies responded by criminalizing the kind of hate speech, or incitement to genocide, in which Streicher engaged, indeed, at which he excelled. The United States has apparently, as a matter of law and public policy, decided to masturbate to it."

--Andrea Dworkin
From Life and Death, page 131 (footnote)

Jon Hanna's Third Favorite Andrea Dworkin Quote

"Q: A lot of men in this town think you're a killer.
A: I'm too shy to kill. I think they should be more afraid of each other, less afraid of me."

--Andrea Dworkin
From Letters From a War Zone

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