Announcing Andrea's new book: Life and Death: Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women (published by The Free Press)

Advance praise from
Publisher's Weekly

"The overarching theme of this gathering of impassioned, compelling articles and speeches from the last decade by famed feminist Dworkin is that the epidemic of rape, wife-beating, murder of females, pornography and prostitution is made possible by cultures that allow men to exercise destructive power over women. She views the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of accused batterer and stalker O.J. Simpson, as emblematic of our legal system's failure to protect women against male violence. There is a powerful expose here of Serbs' systematic rape and murder of Muslim and Croatian females. In her polemical report on a trip to Israel, Dworkin condemns what she sees as a theocratic, racist state based on dispossession and theft of Arab land, a place where Orthodox rabbis make most of the legal decisions that affect women's lives. In a revealing personal history, Dworkin, a former battered wife and sex abuse victim, declares autobiography to be the unseen foundation of her nonfiction, and indeed many of these pieces forcefully link the personal to the political."

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Praise for Andrea Dworkin

"Life and Death must be read by anyone who is serious about transforming the world we've got into a world that works for everyone, including women. Brilliant and courageous, Dworkin's voice is filled with compassion, insight, and commitment. The power of her work comes from her unabashed resolve to tell truths that people would much rather ignore, disclaim, or deny. Dworkin writes from the heart about what we all really do know but find too painful to face. She takes responsibility for what she knows and believes and challenges each of us to do the same."
--Valerie Harper, actor

"She is perhaps the most misrepresented writer in the western world. Mercy is a novel of inacceptable beauty. Her words bleed with love and her vision is oracular. The oracle accuses on behalf of those who are systematically never listened to. The accusations are neither academic nor theoretical: they come, in all their stridency, from the music which was originally there in everybody. Within Dworkin's words, if you really listen, you can still hear this music. And once you've heard it, you will want--however uncomfortable it is--to put yourself beside her."
--John Berger, author of To the Wedding and Ways of Seeing

"Andrea Dworkin's commitment to the liberation of women is absolute. Her analysis of the crucial role that rape, prostitution, and pornography play in women's oppression is powerful, passionate, and political. Life and Death should be read, reread, and passed along to all who not only believe in freedom, but are willing to fight for it."
--Jill Nelson, author of Volunteer Slavery: My Authentic Negro Experience

"I wouldn't miss anything Andrea Dworkin writes (and I frequently don't agree with her!) because no one else debates with such rigorous intelligence the most sensitive and controversial issues that confront women today. We should all treat Andrea Dworkin like a national treasure for caring enough to engage our passions--wherever upon the political or social spectrum they may fall."
--Deirdre Bair, author of Simone De Beauvoir: A Biography

"Life and Death is the perfect collection in which to get to know Andrea Dworkin for the first time, or to enjoy her mind for the millionth time. The insight and uncommon courage displayed on these pages reminds us why Dworkin is one of the most effective and powerful voices for women today."
--Tammy Bruce, president, Women's Progress Alliance

"Andrea Dworkin and I don't agree on much...except the evil of the enemy and the need to fight. We may differ on ideas, but we're sister/soldiers in this war. And you: you're either in the war or you're in the way. If you think you can sit on the sidelines, you need to read this book."
--Alice Vachss, author of Sex Crimes

"My fellow conservatives have a hard time understanding why I like Andrea Dworkin's writing so much. The last time I praised her, in a review of one of her books for The American Spectator, all hell broke loose in the letters column. The uproar led to a correspondence between Andrea and me, and today we remain steadfast pen pals. We tease each other about being 'strange bedfellows' but there's really nothing so strange about it. Some things are more important than politics, and the English language leads the list. Andrea's best essays display the kind of rigorous classical style and unequivocal stance that I admire and strive for in my own work. I may not always agree with what she says, but I love the way she says it."
--Florence King, author of "The Misanthrope's Corner" column for National Review

"Very well, gentlemen. You already know--do you not?--that Andrea Dworkin is a hysterical and puritanical castrator. And you know of Mr. John Wayne Bobbit. You have also made Mr. John Mack into a household name. You haven't? Why then, you had best read on, if you value your most treasured possession."
--Christopher Hitchins, columnist for Vanity Fair and The Nation

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