If you get upset over abuse and profanity you may want to skip this one, seriously. However, if you think you can take it I would suggest you attempt to get through it. It reveals a great deal about not only naturist/nudist Tim Wilcox, but pedophile's modus operandi in general. 
     I post these materials to make sure you have this documentation to wave in Tim Wilcox's face the next time he tries to tell you about how there's a witchhunt against him and what a big victim (whine, whine) he is. 
     These letters represent the most damning evidence against Wilcox and it's directly from him, in his own words. Hang onto them. You have not heard the last of this man yet.  --nikki craft

YOURS TRULY: Tim Wilcox Letters

All letters printed below were written to John Duncan, a.k.a. "Lance Carlson." They are reproduced (slightly edited for space) as hand written by Tim Wilcox, including misspellings, with Wilcox using the alias "Phi Pedo Pervert".

To: Lance/From: Tim/25 Aug 1975
I don't blame you if you thought I wouldn't ever write back after 2 months. Well, I have been working fairs through out California sence June. I have been home 2 or 3 times in two months. 
     Things are great with this little 5 yr. old I have been playing with. She has been taking my hand and putting it on her vulva wanting me to play with her clit. I have a real nice place in Auburn and her and her mother love to spend all the time they can up here. We all run around with no clothes on and I fuck mom all the night long and play with the little one as often as I can. We have a good time! 
     I will be in L.A. about September 7th or 6th. I will be staying in a motel on Century Blvd. I have to work at the hotels around the Airport. I wish that you lived around this area. But this is a lot closer than L.A. to Auburn! 
     I would really love it if you know of some nice young ladys that I could photograph for you and me. 
     I have two copys of Show Me. I love it and the 5 year olds mother likes it too. Would you like for me to bring down two movies with me of little things? 
     Get "Lolita" 17 yet? "Lolita" is a great mag. I will call you when I hit town.

To: John/From: Tim/Sept 18, 1975
...I sure wish Chuck trusted me. And would let me have her for a couple of day's. We could go to movies, parks, lots of places, and play together at night. 
     I would like the opertunity to express my love as well as my sex dezires. 
     I would like to deliver the photos to Chuck so I can go to school. I hope my boss lets me off a couple of days. 
     I was hopping that you wanted to come up to this fair, because I know you would go crazy over all the little girls running around the fair. I worked [photographed] a couple of Baton schools and they sure have the nice looking little girls. With there nice looking, little outfits. A lot of nice little bodys. 
     There was a parade on Tuesday, and you know. There's a lot of little things running around and in it. 
     How's Chuck and Vicki? Vicki leave yet? Hi Tom. How's your "Star" ad doing? (See the ICONoclast Vol. 1#2, pg. 6) 
     By the way Yvonne told me what to do. Told me to undress her, let me play with her. I WANT MORE. I hooked. I have so may thoughts that I can't write (or spell). What did Yvonne say about me?
To: John/ Oct 9, 1975 /From: Tiny, Tubby, Tuna Tim
...I wish I was getting as many letters as you hope I get for my ad that you can't even see. I told the Star I wanted my ad under PICS. And center NORTHERN CALIF, but they don't. I would like to go over to there office and yell at some one. But I know I wouldn't. If I lived down there I would find out more about who sets the type and prints the paper. The type setter should be shot. Words are missed speled all the time in the Star. The Star looks worse than this letter some times. 
     Sounds like you have a good time at the nudist camp. You can let Yvonne suck my 'ding-a-ling' any time she wants to. Has Vicki ever got over me and Yvonne in the bathroom? How does Chuck think about me? I'm a-little crazy, but nice. I would like Yvonne to undress me again, then let me undress her and then we both hop in a bed for some fun-and-games. 
     Did you tell some one to send me a letter telling me that he has lots of books to trade for some of my prints for children? I got a letter but can't find it now. 
     I would like to photograph Vicki and some 19 year old any time. And I would love it with a 14 year old 
     I hope for you that Yvonne gets to stay with Chuck. That would be super great for you. 
     I won't be working in Nov. So I hope that I can come down for a few days. (and it wouldn't kill me to see Yvonne) NO, You can't buy Bambina. I want it. I guess, I could get some photographs that are better than that book and then won't want it and will give it to you. 
     Maybe i would think about Yvonne and some other little girl. It would be kind of neat to take some pics of Yvonne and some other girl eating each other. 
     Well Thanks for the release forms. Write soon.
To: John/From: Tim/18 Oct 1975
I am glad that you opening the envelope wrong didn't cause any trouble. I would be happy to make Chuck more prints if he would like more. (If he wants more, I must have done a good job. Thanks John) 
     I don't see why Linda would want to know if Yvonne is a virgin. It doesn't seem to make any difference to me. Do you think Linda will use that against Chuck? I hope not. Let me know if she does, so I can come down and cover the story. 
     I'm glad to here that Vicki doesn't remember that she got VERY upset with me. 
     The letter I got was from Anthony Latimer of 256 South Robertson, ever heard of 256? He has 20 different books that I can buy. He wants 8 dollars a piece or 15 for two. I wish I had about 100 dollars. Some gave him my name because he knows my last name. 
     Let me tell you, I am very excited about a news storie that I heard Thursday. A report was released that said that touching your children was good for them. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development said in L.A. on Thursday that it would be good for people to fondle and touch there children to give them body pleasure. Our children would be less violent with a little sex. 
     Well I was very excited about this government study, (this is the government telling us that we should play with our kids to give them sexual pleasure, I don't believe it yet) so I tape recorded the news cast and started to try to find the N.I.C.H.D. I first started by calling L.A., as this was were the news conference took place. Well, Federal Information told me that N.I.C.H.D. was in Maryland someplace and gave me the phone number. 
     Well I called and they said they didn't know what study I was talking about. Well I was transfered from person to person till I got the directers office and the directors secretary called me back and said that she did know of study that was what I probebly wanted. She is going to send it to me. I will be glad to get a copy to you when I get it. I am very excited. How do you feel?
To: John/From: Tim Wilcox/30 Oct 1975
Thanks for your letter. Everytime I get a letter from you, it sounds like you are in to so many different things. I feel like moving to L.A. so I could take part in all the things I can only hear about living up on top of the earth, in Auburn. 
     I told you that I got a letter from someone that has alot of child books for sale. Well I found it, and guess what, the letter was from Mr. Latimer, the man that knows more children than any other person in California... I don't know Latimer, and didn't think he know me, and I sure wondered how he got my last name!! Now I know, it was John. Thank you. I would like to meet him. 
     You ask when I was coming down, well I think I will come down about the 12th or 13th. Write me and tell me what you think of the date. I am not working now, and will be down in the Bay Area with my 5 year old and mom, so you better write me at 19054 Vannoy Court, Castro Valley, Ca 94546 (his parents house). I hope things with Yvonne cool off. I hope that Yvonnes mother lets her come live with Chuck and Vicki. I hope before I get down there. 
     I would really like to see the photos of Yvonne and that will probebly be the first thing, I think of when I hit town. 
     Well, the first thing I think of might be some guy in Altadena. He wrote me last week and saw my ad in "Love." He would like to have me take some top quality photographs of some paintings of his. So I will try to hit Altadena first. If you would like me to come down some other dates just let me know.
To: Lance/From: Phil Pedo/27 July 1976
I use Lance now-a-days because of the things your into. I never can tell when the law might get you. And they don't need to find my letters with my name on them. 
     Hay, let me tell you of the wonderful time with my Lisa the other night. I got done with a fair and went back to it to pick up a truck I left behind. Well I had the time to stay over night with Lisa and mom. I got there and they were very happy to see me. Well, later it was time to think about going to bed. I told mom to take a shower I layed by Lisa on the couch. She had no top on and had pants on. I was welcomed with opened arms. I put my arms around her and started to suck on her breasts. Then I put my hands between her legs and she said wait. She got up and took off her pants. Then she was nude. So I spread her legs and started to run my tongue on her soft, warm, vulva. I was very surprised that she wanted me to keep it up. She loved it. She put her hands down to her vulva and held her lips open so that I would tongue her clitores. I sucked on her clit for about 10 minetes, I thought I better go take a shower with mom. I can't believe that Lisa is really getting into cunnilingus. 
     I will see them again tonight, It would be nice to do it again.
To: John/From: Phil Pedo/22 Aug 1976
Thanks for letting me see the pics of Lisa and Tam. Sounds like you have been having lots of company. And guess what, I will be your company. I will be coming down to the wonderful south land Sept 11 or 12. I have a state meeting to do on the 13th. The meeting will probebly be at the airport as it allways is, But after the meeting I can spend a week with you playing or not playing if you want. I am sending you 50 dollars to keep for me, but what you can do for me now is to think of a nice (or not too nice) motel that I can stay in while down there. A place that is near you. Near the Action! A place that you will feel comfortable in if you bring the kids. I can stay till about the 19th or 20th. I would like to take some photographs of you and your big penis, fucking some not too bad-looking of a girl. I have people writing me wanting photos of people and I can't send them kids. Wright? I would like you to ask Chuck or you can pose but I would like to get someone with a femail in front of the camera so I can have something without stretch marks. 
     You don't have to pose, I don't care, I think you do have a very nice looking, and pretty big, penis!!! If chuck wants to pose it would be nice. I have written him asking if he is available to model when I hit town. 
     I don't really care too much if I get to play with Tam and Lisa while down there. Maybe you could have me take out one of the mothers and fuck her and sit at home with the kids!!!! When I come down I will be driving the blue van, So If you want to go to the show there is lots of room in the back for what-ever. Think up some photos you want taken. 
     I have been having fun with My Lisa. To day she ask me to cunnilingus her and so I did while mom was in the bath. No, Lisa hasn't sucked me. I don't want Lisa to get to much different than other kids. I just want to make her feel good. And if her mom know that I eat her daughter, well that would be the end of Tim. And we don't want anything to happen to Tim, now do we? 
     If you have time drop me a line and let me know what is going on in the south. And how you feel about me coming down.
To: Lance/From: Phil Pedo/19 Oct 1976
I took some photos of my Lisa this last weekend and I know that you would like to see them. So if you write and let me know what you are up to I will send them down for your inspection. 
     Are you still working in the mountains? You must be or you would have had time to write me before now. Maybe it is the 50 dollars that you owe me. Don't let that worry you, I know that you will pay me back. (I sure hope you do!!!) Any good things happen to you and any kids lately? Joanne and my Lisa and I are going to the nude beach next Saterday. i will let you know how every thing goes. Write me.
To: Lance/10 November 1976/From: Perverted "Phil Pedo"'
Sure am glad to get a letter from you. I was getting a little worried. I was going to write Chuck and ask him if you were still around or maybe someone came and took you away. I am glad to see you weren't !!! I'm glad to hear that you have been real busy. That gives you something to keep you out of trouble. 
     I get out of school this next tuesday. I will be gradating then. Arn't you proud of me???? (I know I can't spell yet, But I sure am a good photograhper now!) 
     The prints of my Lisa I hope you like and will send back. I'm sorry, but if Joanne or Lisa wants to see the pictures, I better have them here to show. Can you beleive your eyes??? Tim using a Poleroid. I brought it down to LA with me and never used it. So I wanted to try out the thing that you and other non photographers think is the greatest thing in the world. How did I do. What shot do you like the best? Let me know and I will let you know my favorite. 
     I talked to a guy that is a photographer about 2 weeks ago and told him I could sell photos of nude children to a magazine. He went and talked to some guy that was at the junk yard with use and told me that he would let me photograph his kids nude if they want to do it. I told him to get the guys name and lets get it on. I hope that I can get together with this photographer soon. What's Chuck up to? Is he working? Does he ever get the opportunity to look through his one way glass? 
     My Lisa's birthday is this tuesday, and I can't beleive she will be 7 years old. When I met her she was 5, now shes 7. I don't beleive 2 years has gone by already. Before I know it she will be 10 and then 12 and getting hair on her beautiful vulva. And ready to fuck. Boy how time flys. Has your Lisa gotten any hair or bigger breasts? I sure would like to suck on them!!!!! Thinking of your Lisa and her developing body gets me all turned on.
To: Lance/ 4 December 1976/From: Phil Pedo Pervert
Boy; I am surprised to hear someone say that the quality of a polaroid is bad. But I guess you are a little better than all the other fucked up perverts running the streets! At least I like you better than any other. 
     You ask about me photographing some guys kids?????? You must be asking about some guy that was in the junk yard one day. No, my contact never got to talk to the guy again. I don't know if he knows the guy or not. I don't think so. I have ask him over tonight so we can talk about photography, as he is in to it also. I hope with all his contacts in Auburn, he can find some kids that we can both photograph together. 
     I like the idea of the two way mirror at Chucks. Lets have a big party of about 20 little girls, and take them to Chucks and give them alot to drink so that they go to the bathroom often. You say that you wouldn't mind taking out the lady upstairs. That doesn't sound like you at all. You don't go for the old ladys. (Over the hill. "12") I will take her out and you can baby sit. And the lady said she would go out with Tom and You still want to take her out???? I don't know. 
     If Lisa's developing body is turning you off, turn her over to Tim. She is getting into the age I dream about. I think that it is going to be hard on her if you stop playing with her and stick to Tammy. I can see that some trouble might come about if you get turned off to Lisa. 
     If Lilia runs around at night maybe your babysitting service is needed? Tell Lilia Tim is one of the best fuckers in California and I am coming down on the 15th of Jan. There is a state meeting on monday about 17 of Jan. 
     No I never see Love. If they used my storie without permission I would sue the Fuck of them. I know that they don't have anything. Have you talked to them about this? Did they pay you for it? 
     Hope that you and Irene had a fucking good time in San Diego with April. My Lisa wants to know when you are going to come up and lick her vulva. Want some more photos of my kid????

End of Wilcox letters to Duncan.