Weeks is out of prison - or he will be shortly. Anybody out there know where he is? If I write up an expose on him I sure do hope I don't find him sunbathing at some nudist camp. For now, here's an article from the front page of The Daily Californian, in El Cajon, California. It was printed on August 7,1984


After viewing excerpts of a homemade movie of boys at an East County nudist colony shot by a Lemon Grove man, a San Diego judge Monday sentenced him to 15 years in state prison for child molestation.The color films was made by Raymond Lawrence Weeks, 43, who recently retired from the county's Air Pollution Control District, where he worked as a senior engineer. 
     Deputy District Attorney Larry Burns showed the film to San Diego Municipal Court Judge Patricia Benke for her consideration in sentencing Weeks, who pleaded guilty June 22 to two counts of child molestation. The convictions marked the third time Weeks had been convicted of child molestation charges in 15 years. 
     Benke watched about five minutes of the 30-minute films, which was shot at the Swallows Nudist Colony in El Cajon by Weeks. The judge agreed to watch only certain portions of the film that Burns and Weeks' lawyer, Dan Zeidman, said were relevant to the case. Benke retired to her chambers four times during the showing while Burns, Zeidman, Weeks, reporters, court observers and the relatives of the two victims watched the film. 
     The film showed no sexual activity. Four nude boys, whose ages Burns said ranged from 9 to 14, were seen doing push-ups, sit-ups, showering and walking around. All appeared to be posing for the camera. 
     Weeks appeared nude in the film briefly and was seen picking up a boy. Weeks told Benke that at that point the boy's father was doing the filming. 
     Zeidman objected to the showing of the film, saying "it over sensationalizes the case." He noted that the boys in the film were not the victims in Weeks' case. He also said that the activity at the nudist camp was legal. 
     Burns defended the showing of the film. He said it was made while Weeks was on probation following his last conviction in 1976 and it showed a lack of desire to conform with the conditions of his probation. 
     At Weeks' sentencing hearing, his parents, his brothers, the parents of two victims and others packed the courtroom. Because of a reported death threat against Weeks by one of his victims' relatives, all spectators were searched with a metal detector. 
     Weeks testified that he continued therapy tow years after terminating probation. "We were working on why I couldn't have sexual relations with women." Weeks told the judge. 
     "What do you feel the judge should do to you and why? asked Zeidman. "I feel a long duration in prison would serve no useful purpose . . There is a life ahead of me. I want to have a wife and children. That has been my goal, so I would hope for mercy," Weeks testified. 
     The parents urged the judge to give the maximum term. One father called Weeks "a con man." 
     His attorney suggested an 11-year term. 
     "This is not something he maliciously planned. . . It's a sickness. He didn't want to be this way. It's an addiction," Zeidman said. 
     "He's no more than a Jekyll and Hyde," responded Burns. "He's shown you no reason for leniency." 
     Benke ruled that Weeks is a habitual offender and gave the maximum term under the plea bargain arrangement in which 16 other child molestation charges were dismissed. 
     Benke also fined Weeks $10,000, but candidly noted that she doubted that it would ever be paid. 
     Attorney John Murphy said that the families of the victims are contemplating a lawsuit to pay for therapy for the boys.