Reprinted from the International Naturist Federation
Number 76/8/92

by Adam Chrzuszcz
the INF correspondent in Poland
excerpted from Reports from the Correspondents

Note 5. Naturists are afraid of any formal organisation because they expect the same bad experience as with Mr Kubicki (according to Chrzuszcz, Kubicki is the past head of the official Polish naturist organization.) It was not only one person who mixed naturism with bad practices. Some examples:

a) Mr Kubicki presented an erotic show "Miss Natura Welcomes You" in theatres and night-clubs. Recently he has opened an erotic massage parolour with call-girls for men and women. For a special charge you can be massaged by "Miss Natura", as he claims in his newspaper advertisements. He still produces soft-porn video-tapes with the common title "Natura-Naturyzm.

b) A former president of the Silesian naturist club, Mr Jacek Gutkowski, is editor of the porno magazine "Peepshow".

c) A former vice-president of Pozen naturist club is now an owner of a call-girl agency, enrolling young girls for German night-clubs and bars.

d) Mr Marek Grela, a private individual from Kraznik Lubelski published a free advertisement and letters in many naturist magazines around the world offering for money naturist video-tapes entitled "Polish Naturism" which have never existed. How many people have sent him money and are still awaiting tapes from this swindler? During my phone conversation with him he said that he has not got such a film yet but is going to make it in the future. He asked me to send my video-tapes and photos in exchange. (This was some months after publication of his letters in Australian and New Zealand naturist magazines).