WILLIAM D. PECKENPAUGH, AKA WILLIAM DELOS PECKENPAUGH, W.D. OR BILL PECKENPAUGH, ON DEC 1, 2004 WAS CHARGED WITH SIX COUNTS OF FIRST-DEGREE SODOMY, TWO COUNTS OF SEX ABUSE, AND ONE COUNT OF USING A CHILD FOR THE PURPOSE OF SEXUAL DISPLAY. He is the author of "Familial and Societal Attitudes Toward Nudity, and The Effects on Children's Development," a much quoted article by Nudists and Naturists, that makes the claim that naturist children are less sexually active and more emotionally healthy than non-naturist children. Peckenpaugh has been a frequent poster on rec.nude, alt.christnet.nudism and misc.kids. If you have relevant information to assist with prosecution please contact Darin Tweedt at 503.588.5222. More information about his arrest.

This is a reprint of his Personal Interests Page from his website, Dec. 2, 2004.

Personal Interests

The following sites reflect my hobbies, interests, work, etc. This page is entirely based on me, personally, and may or may not represent the interests of my parents, church, or anyone else for that matter! [William D. Peckenpaugh]


General interest

Clothing optional recreation (aka social naturism/nudism)

Nudism/naturism is a family way of life!

Christian Nudism

If God meant for us to go nude, we'd be born that way ...

A brief quote
"Sexual modesty cannot then in any simple way
be identified with the use of clothing, nor shamelessness
with the absence of clothing and total or partial nakedness.
There are circumstances in which nakedness is not immodest...
Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical
shamelessness. Immodesty is present only when nakedness
plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person...
The human body is not in itself shameful, nor for the same reasons
are sensual reactions, and human sensuality in general.
Shamelessness (just like shame and modesty) is a function
of the interior of a person."
Pope John Paul II (nee Karol Cardinal Wojtyla)
[in "Love & Responsibility," 1981]

Family/Social Nudism

Routine, non-medical infant circumcision

A quote:
"His followers said to him, 'Is circumcision useful or not?'
He said to them, 'If it were useful, children's fathers would produce them already circumcised from their mothers. Rather, the true circumcision in spirit has become valuable in every respect.'"
--Jesus, in the [apocryphal] Gospel of Thomas, 53.

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