Mother Sentenced to Prison For Child Pornography
Michael O'Malley, December 23, 1988
United Press International

A Conneaut mother of three children was sentenced Friday to three years in prison on a federal charge of receiving child pornography. 
     Marsha McNutt, 40, was convicted on a one-count indictment in U.S. District Court after pleading guilty to receiving photographs of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. 
     Her husband, David McNutt, is currently serving a 10- to-25-year prison sentence for raping one of the couple's daughters. 
     Shortly before her sentencing, Judge Ann Aldrich admitted as a court exhibit a nude Polaroid photograph of McNutt's 4-year-old daughter, Dianne. The photograph, taken during the Christmas holiday two years ago when the girl was 2, displayed the child's genitals in an erotic pose. 
     Aldrich also admitted as evidence a brochure of nudist colonies found in McNutt's home during a search by federal agents. 
     In pronouncing the sentence, Aldrich scolded McNutt, saying, ''involvement in child pornography is involvement in child abuse.'' 
     ''You are a mother who participated in child pornography, '' said Aldrich. ''You are part of the ugly industry that is flourishing in this country.'' 
     McNutt's lawyer, Jacqueline Johnson, a public defender, argued against incarcerated on the grounds that McNutt already served a 30-day jail sentence in Ashtabula County on a child-endangering charge and that she has lost custody of her children. 
     "Mrs. McNutt has already lost everything," said Johnson, noting that McNutt has been receiving psychological counseling. "I don't believe she's a danger to her community." 
     Prosecuting attorney John Gibbons argued that McNutt used child pornography "as a tool to molest children." ''These were not any children (but) her own natural children,'' he said. 
     McNutt had no comment following her sentencing. 
     The child pornography charge carried a maximum 10- year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. Aldrich imposed no fine on McNutt.