Jonathan D. Lynn also known as Jonathan Lynn*,
a longtime nudist, has worn out a scanner reproducing
photos of nude children for his fellow pedophiles. He had originally been
active on rec.nude, but likes the pictures in the alt.binaries groups.
     Jonathan puts into practice what I've found that too many nudists believe.
Give pedophiles photographs of nude children to masturbate on and they
might not abuse real children. Lacking the obvious conflict of interest of some,
others confusedly miss two points that are rather conspicuous to non-nudists.
Their belief fails to take into account that conditioning sexual arousal through
masturbation is one of the more effective conditioning methods in existence.
Plus the fact that it is an abusive act, in and of itself, of the nudist children
and their parents to tell them that nudism is not sexual and then to plaster
their photographs internationally in nudist magazines and on nudist and
pedophile sites all over the internet for these men to jack off to. -- Nikki Craft

[Please note that there are many people who have similar or identical names to the people listed on this site. Moreover, pedophiles in particular often go by ficticious names. We have no reason to believe, for instance, that the pedophile Jonathan Lynn described herein is the noted film director Jonathan Lynn. --Nikki Craft 05.09.05]

From: (Jonathan Lynn)
Subject: The *REAL* Jonathan Lynn
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Date: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 09:51:57 GMT
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Prefatory note:

This started as a short posting to let you all know that my scanner had
smoked, an that there will likely be no more JPC series images.
Somewhere, however, it turned into a long and winding (whining?)
discourse, and eventually an outpouring of feelings and a plea for
help. I've considered, many times durinig it's composition, simply
hitting the "q" button, but felt that certain portions of this
letter need be said, and am not afraid to lay myself bare in order
to get the salient points across. If any of you can find benefit
in any of this long posting, born of a low in my life, it
will have been worthwhile. I can truly say that I've never seen much
emotion in these groups, and perhaps it is time there was. It might as
well be me. I've broke a lot of ground in the past year, and one more
"first," whether it be a great stride or fatal social faux pas, is
irrelevant. Folks, meet Jon Lynn.

Dear readers,
     I don't know which flamer is a witch or a sorcerer, but it appears that
someone has placed a hex on me and my equipment.
     My scanner smoked tonight, and I haven't got the financial resources to
have it repaired anythime soon. :( I suspect it was probably from
hidden shipping damage, but since the machine was second-hand and out of
waranty, I'm out of luck. No more JPC's, even B/W -- I had to sell the hand
scanner -- not all patrons of this art-form are well-to-do. :(
     If nothing else, this unfortunate event has given me the opportunity to
re-examine my situation in life, and it appears to be a dead-end at best;
a downhill slope at worst. I'm in an economically depressed area, and
unemployed, and living from day-to day, and only through my hobby have i
found relief from the frustrations and depression of a year-long
unsuccessful job search, and living each month on what most people
couldn't for a week. Most of you are pretty great folks, and I've really
appreciated the opportunity to correspond with you and share of myself
what I can. I'm sorry that Because of time constraints, and Netcom's
ever increasing slowness and locking up, I haven't been able to get back
to all your mail. I offer my sincerest apologies to all who have felt
slighted because of this.
     To those who I've been in more extensive contact with, I extend my thanks
for the support you've given me, and the chance to have made some of the
deepest friendships I've ever had. The correspondence, time in IRC, and
the phone calls have meant so much to me! I appreciate you more than
anything! We've had some great times, and I look forward to continued
and life-long frienship.
     To those who have offered trade requests, and have not heard from me, I'm
also sorry. I cannot, in my heart, simply trade the material which I
have loved so much of my life, like a commodity. I'm the kind of guy
who would rather simply share my archives with friends who I am so close
to that I can spend hours simply talking to, and enjoy eachother's company,
not simply drool over eachother's "stock."
     This is really hard to write, but I have to "come out" and let you know
the real Jonathan Lynn. A complex, animal, still a kid at heart. One who
questions the contradictions in our culture, and wishes he could provide
some acceptable answers. One who has broken out of a complacent shell,
and raised his voice in concern, and been squashed for it. on many
occasions. A man in search of friendship, direction, and a comfortable
and productive niche in life.
     I'm out of work, and cannot get employment, due to my efforts to assist
employees at my last workplace get an even shake at the bargaining table.
(100 years later, union organizers are STILL blackballed!) I've carried
my social consiousness to areas outside of the employment arena,
especially where I see basic human rights infringed upon, and I hope that
a parallel doesn't occur. The consequences could be much more
devastating, especially in this arena, where even a simple FANTASY is so
repugnant to many within our culture, that they would rather eradicate us
than accept the fact that an appreciation of the beauty of the child, is
not inherently an indication of a mentality which could be predatory or
even harmful to children.
     Folks, though I'm now penniless, and close to being on the street, I still
hold to my ideals, and will continue the fight, until my last breath is
beaten out of me, if need be. I owe you all that much! I ask nothing but
your fellowship in return.
     God, how I hate this state of affairs where we are all driven to the
state of near paranoia... Where anonymous remailers, and PGP encryption
becomes necessary for even the most innocent of communications... Where
we must remain an almost totally hidden sub-culture, simply in order to
exist as people! A hunted and despised class, guilty, simply by
association, of the most heinous crimes imaginable -- child-abuse.
     Frankly, after a year of research, I can safely say that the authoritative
figures are very wrong. Only a very small minority appear to have
crossed the border between fantasy and actualization, and of that, an
even smaller minority are actually predatory in their relationships with
kids. Most of us simply like to look, admire, and allow kids to be
kids. Many of us are parents, and would never dream of sexually
victimising our own or other's children. Most of us wish for an
environment where our children can grow up free of the conflicts and
confusion over the issue of sexuality. An environment that is causing,
not preventing such social problem as promiscuity, spread of sexually
transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and ultimately, vunerability
to real child-abuse! I should never wish upon a child the kind of
atmosphere that quite probably produced me! No, I'm not a monster -- I
simply appreciate the simple innocent grace and beauty of the child, and
the joy of childhood that was deprived me.
     I will NOT be opressed simply for realising that child still lives within
me, and that I enjoy the company of children, and other adults who have
not lost that child within, because of others perceptions of wwhat may or
may not be on our minds. I don't feel ANYBODY should.
     Jonathan Lynn is now at a crossroads. Starting over at 40 is a truly
frightening and frustrating experience for anybody, and the changes that
I've gone through in the past year make for an exceptionally nightmarish
experience. While totally comfortable with myself, I am at odds with my
environment, and up against the wall, occupationally, politically, and
socially. One trait that is deeply ingrained in me is a fear to ask for
assistance or advice. That was beaten out of me as a child by a rather
ingeniously sadistic father, and I'm not too proud, at this juncture, to
admit it. I now drop even that fear, as it is the one thing that is most
damaging to my continued existence and cause. I've come too far now to let
it all come to naught. All of you, be you friendly supporters, frivolous
individuals simply out to obtain as much fantasy material as you can get,
or zealous detractors of my philosophies and attitudes, have been a
welcome addition to my life over the past year, and extremely helpful to
me, whether we have personally communicated or not.
     I ask now for your help. Any bit of information on how you may have
survived such a crisis, or occupational tips or opportunities that may
exist for an open-minded, fairly intelligent fellow who is bottoming out
in this changing, uncertain economy and political climate would be most
     More importantly:
     I also ask that you show some solidarity with eachother! As a group, we're
a pretty unpopular sort, however well-intentioned we may be. We need
eachother's support in order to effect any social change, and I feel the
next few years will be crucial to civil and basic human rights! Don't
let those who feel they must impose their own control over even our most
sacred possession - our thoughts - have their way through passively
acquiescing to their ideas, and hiding in fear! It was once said that
"We must all hang together, or we will surely all hang seperately."
Those words will always ring true, so long as men continue to opress
their fellows over property, attitudes, or ideology!
     I don't know how we're even going to do that, but there has to be a way,
and only through real communication and cooperation will we ever gain at
least a small amount of tolerance, if not acceptance in our culture.
     I personally don't know where I go from here. Certainly not to suicide...
I'm a fighter, and not going to cop out. I've already seen two friends
take that route during the past year over the same issues we all face,
despite all tried to help, and i couldn't do them - and YOU - the
disservice and dishonor of joining them. However it goes for me, I hope
and pray that the movement will live on.
     I've noted many new contributers to thiese newsgroups who have an
intelligent and effective style, as well as old friends who have come
back to air their views. Bless you all! We need a vocal presence.
So many people contribute for a while and simply disappear from the
groups without notice or fanfare. I, at least, have got to get my message
out to you now, just in case the matter of getting on with my
own life necesitates my own dropping out.
     And I want you all to know the *real* Jonathan Lynn. Not just a ghost in
the machine; a vocal presence in cyberspace, but as the flesh and blood
creature that he truly is -- with all the frailties, problems, hopes,
passions and insecurities as any other man.
     This has been a rather depressing day for me, but I feel that is has also
been a most productive one, even though I'm out materially. I've gotten
a lot off my chest that has been bothering me for a while.
     God bless you all; continue the struggle. If you have ANY ideas which may
help me, or the cause, feel free to write.
     Yours in the struggle for freedom,


Brother Jonathan I trust in conspiracy...
     ------- in the power of the military.
     PGP public key available: In this wilderness of mirrors here,
     Finger not even my speech is free." (Fish)