Visiting nudist accused of attempted kidnapping
Pennsylvania Police say Bret Levin and former schoolteacher tried to abduct 15-year-old-girl

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Emily Phillips

A man who has spent much of this fall on the UM campus in nothing but his underwear was arrested Monday on charges, filed in Pennsylvania, of stalking and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Brett Levin, who has gained attention in recent weeks for riding his bicycle nude in downtown Missoula and visiting campus in nothing but his underpants, has been charged with illegal restraint, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, harassment and stalking. Those crimes are punishable by up to 42 years in jail.

According to Vic Cubellis, chief of police in New Castle, Pa., Levin and an ex schoolteacher from New Castle are accused of trying to kidnap a 15-year-old girl two weeks ago while she was walking home from school.

The victim recognized one of the men as 48-year-old Thomas Riley, who had taught for more than twenty years at Ben Franklin Junior High School in New Castle. She described the other man as a bushy-haired, fully-bearded man with a dark complexion, wearing a red dress, according to police reports.

When questioned after his arrest, Riley told police about Levin, Cubellis said.

Cubellis said he did not know how New Castle police found out Levin was living in Missoula, but said he suspected it was through an Internet search. Missoula police arrested Levin downtown Monday near the police station.

According to New Castle police reports, the 15-year-old girl was walking home from school Oct. 8 when a mid-size gray vehicle pulled up beside her. Two men got out of the vehicle and grabbed her by the hair and arms, trying to pull her into the vehicle. The girl kicked one of the men in the shins and he hit her in the face. After a brief struggle, the men got back into their vehicle and left.

According to Cubellis, Riley and Levin met at a Rainbow Coalition meeting.

Levin was arrested by Missoula police in early September on charges of disorderly conduct after reading while nude in Bonner Park. He has also been warned several times by UM police that he will not be allowed to stay on campus if he wears less than his underwear.

Levin is in the Missoula County Jail without bail. Cubellis said he will be moved to Pennsylvania for a court appearance.

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