JAMES HERLIHY IS A MULTIPLE CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER. HE IS *NOT* ON THE American Sunbathing Association (now American Association for Nude Recreation) CAUTION LIST. 

James Herlihy, DOB 6/3/29, was arrested by LAPD and San Bernadino law enforcement officer Toby Tyler in July 1983 for molestation. He already had previous arrest and convictions for the same offense. He was, at the time of his arrest, a member of the American Sunbathing Associaiton and a member of Golden State Sun Club. 
     Herlihy was listed on the list back on March 28, 1986--when he would have been in prison. I don't know what, if any, logic the ASA has used in dropping his name from their list now. 

Does anyone know if Herlihy returned to Golden State, or what camp he's at now that he's out of prison?