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"My Life of Molesting Children"
Testimony of an Ex-Nudist Camp Manager Convicted of Child Molestation

CHAIRMAN ROTH: As you can well imagine, your story is one that is, in many ways, to all of us unbelievable and reprehensible, but I do want to say that in view of that, I also think it takes courage on your part to come here today.

MR HENRY: Thank you, Senator.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: And I hope this is a major step forward in your rehabilitation. In you final statement, you make two points that I think are significant about the relationships between parents and their children. You point out that parents should be concerned, particularly about those individuals who, for one reason or another, want to be alone with the child, that that's critical to the pedophilic relationship.

MR HENRY: Yes, Senator.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: And, second, you make the equally valid point that I think is worth underscoring; that in these circumstances, the parents should try to find out why a child may show resistance in wanting to be left alone with a presumed family friend. So there are two, I think, very worthwhile points to underscore. You mention in your statement, one child was being sold by her parent, a situation that is unbelievable and outrageous. The question I would like to ask you, do you think this was fairly true of most of your victims? Were the parents aware of the situation, or what? MR. HENRY: The victims I've had out there-excuse me, that I have been arrested for in California, it is definitely my opinion the parents knew what was going on because I paid $200 to Yvonne's father for the use of his daughter. When I went to meet Tammy's and Lisa's mother, John Duncan told me how can I explain another man to her? I know parents knew what was going on.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: You think in your experience most times they were paid or not paid. Were the parents aware of the situation?

MR HENRY: Yes, sir.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Was that true in the case of the New York victims?

MR HENRY: No, sir.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: In those cases, the parents were not aware?

MR HENRY: No, they were not aware, and on several occasions when they became aware, they just flatly told me to stay away from their children. Charges were never pressed in many cases because the parents did not want to cause any trouble, and that is another thing that has to be brought out to parents. By not pressing charges against a pedophile who molested your daughter, you are setting that man up to molest another child.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Yes, that's a very valid point; a very bothersome point. What role do you think child pornography has played in your life?

MR HENRY: With some pedophiles, it is a stimuli to have other victims. And in some cases, a pedophile will show pornographic pictures to a child. In my case, with still pictures, it helped ease the tension. With the films, it was a stimulant to seek and reestablish actual relationships with a child.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: You mentioned that in some cases, pedophiles will show pornography material to children. Is that to help justify the conduct and the actions?

MR HENRY: No, it is to diminish the child's resistance.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: To minimize their resistance by showing that this conduct is being done by others; is that what you mean?

MR HENRY: Other children.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: So that it's an acceptable behavior?

MR HENRY: If a pedophile wants a little girl to do such an act and she says no, he can show, well, this little girl is doing it and show her a picture.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: So there is, in your judgment, a direct link- -

MR HENRY: [interposing]. Definitely.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Between child pornography and a pedophile promoting his conduct with a child?

MR HENRY: Yes, Senator.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: You said you joined the Childhood Sensuality Circle, a pro-pedophilic organization in San Diego headed by a woman named Valida -

MR HENRY: [interposing]. Davila.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Valida Davila. Tell us a little bit about this group and the role it plays in putting pedophiles in contact with each other.

MR HENRY: When Davila answered my letter, she sent me an application form to send out and told me to make four more copies, Xerox copies, of my application and mail that with $25 for membership. I later learned the other extra copies of the application were sent to different pedophiles and in return, I got copies of other pedophiles' applications, and then it was up to me if I wanted to correspond or not.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Is that organization still in existence, as far as you know?

MR HENRY: I understand it is temporarily suspended because the San Diego County Sheriff's Department confiscated Davila's mailing list. As far as I know, it is mostly out of business.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: What about other organizations, are you familiar with any others?

MR HENRY: I know of one; it's in Boston. The North American Man-Boy Love Association. There is the Rene Guyon Society. There is another society I just heard about called Wonderland based on Lewis Carroll's pedophilic tendencies.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Let me ask you this: Do you feel this kind of organization plays a significant role in encouraging child molestation? Is there are large underground community of pedophiles- -

MR HENRY: [interposing]. Yes, there is.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: [continuing]. That encourages- -

MR HENRY: [interposing]. Yes, there is an organization in England called PIE, Pedophilia Information Exchange, and you can get contacts all through the world with them.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Are you saying to me that you can go to any large community and be put in contact with people -

MR HENRY: [interposing]. If you know who to contact, yes.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: So this is a fairly substantial underground promoting this activity?

MR HENRY: Yes, it is, Senator.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Let me go back for a moment to your victims. Are you familiar with what has happened to any of those young children?

MR HENRY: I heard they were having treatment in a child center in California, my three victims here in California. One of my victims was my cousin Patricia who I had molested over 3 years. They are all adults now, but I understand Patsy has come completely reversed in her personality that she was as a child. She is now a cold, frigid woman. She cannot establish any long relationship with an adult male, and I definitely base that on molestation of her when she was a child.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Do you think your molestation as a child was a factor in your adult behavior?

MR HENRY: To a certain extent, yes, but it is my belief that my childhood sweetheart, in not playing doctor games, led to my fixation of wanting to see little girls' vaginas.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Did you ever photograph the children you molested and then later traded in exchange those photographs?

MR HENRY: Yes, Senator.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Is that a common practice?

MR HENRY: Yes, it is. Some pedophiles exchange photographs of children they have known.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Did you ever secure child pornography from abroad or send any pictures to magazines or publishers abroad?

MR HENRY: No, sir; I did not.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: Let me go back for just a moment to the therapy at Patton State Hospital. How do you think that has helped you?

MR HENRY: Through the group sessions with other pedophiles, I have come to realize the problems I have had in growing up are common with a lot of other pedophiles, and during the groups, we discuss various problems that we have and we relate. The staff of Patton has helped me get over my fear of talking to adult women. I now feel equally with them. It has brought up my ego. My low self esteem is higher now. Those are some of the basic traits of a pedophile. He has low self-esteem, low self-worth.

CHAIRMAN ROTH: I believe that's all the questions I have. I hope you will continue with your rehabilitation and continue in your efforts to find ways and means to correct the situation that you have so vividly described.

MR HENRY: Thank you.

Reprinted from the ICONoclast.

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