Nikki Craft 

When I first learned that Tim Wilcox had been arrested, I called the Hayward and Los Angeles County Records Department and obtained Wilcox's police reports and court documents. During my inquiry, I discovered Oakland police had confiscated the photographs Wilcox took of Don Burns' daughter (See "Nudist Dad" article on page 12 .) 
    I called Oakland police and asked if someone could come down and take a look at them. The man who went is a friend of mine and would best be described as a long-time active naturist; a liberal, civil libertarian-type and current member of the American Civil Liberties Union. 
    While he was looking at the photographs, he called me from the Oakland police department. This is what he said about Wilcox's pictures of the ten-year-old girl: 

    "There are 28 pictures here. All are of Burns's daughter taken by Wilcox. There are notations about Holland on the back of the photocopy proof sheets in about five different places and dated 8/21/87. 
        "The first nineteen are shot on a bed on a bare mattress. The rest were shot on a couch. All were shot indoors. There are two 'legs-spread' shots and one where you can see her labia. They are definitely posed and kind of cheesecake, quasi arts. 
        "Given the fact that there are only two shots out of twenty-eight where you get a pretty clear shot of her labia, the argument could be made that they are just two more photographs in the batch. But the reason you get a view of her labia is because of an intentional camera angle. In the other case, she is lounging on a couch and the camera angle is pointed. They are clearly posed and lifeless, but they aren't the 'spread your legs as wide as you can' shots. Subtly cheesecakey. The kind of thing that you don't really expect from a ten-year-old. 
        "Most of them don't look like the type of photographs that she would have thought up. It looks like the photographer was saying, 'Why don't you lean back with one arm and stretch.' 
        "One is of her face, as a portrait, with a sort of long expression. She looks like she is doing a job. There is only one where she looks like she is having a good time. She looks lonely and unhappy. The photos look deliberately ambiguous." 

Reprinted from the ICONoclast (Summer 1992). Copyright (c) Nikki Craft. All rights reserved.